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Expert Gutter Repairs in Auckland

When it comes to gutter repairs in Auckland, we’re your top choice for tackling damaged spouting and downpipes. The consequences of neglecting these issues can be severe and long-lasting. Our team specializes in the repair and maintenance of Marley PVC gutters, ensuring your home remains in top-notch condition.

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We offer affordable and dependable gutter and downpipe repair services starting at just $240 + GST, backed by a 12-month warranty to assure the quality of our work.

Protect Your Home from Gutter and Downpipe Damage

Cracked, rusted, or storm-damaged gutters and spouting not only detract from your home’s aesthetics but disrupt the efficient drainage of rainwater from your roof to your stormwater system. Over time, these leaking gutters can cause damage to fascia, barge boards, internal gutter system and internal framing, potentially leading to waterlogged ground beneath your property. Don’t let these issues linger – contact us for reliable gutter repairs in Auckland today.


Should gutters be repaired or replaced?

Your gutters are usually joined by lapping the material, sealing and riveting or with a PVC weld. When that is broken or damaged, you risk leaks and other damage. While we can perform the occasional repair, if you’re noticing frequent breaks in the seams between gutters, you should think about replacing your gutters.

Can you realign old spouting?

Yes we can, but if your spouting is old we will recommend replacing your spouting system as it becomes more cost effective in the long run.

How often should you replace guttering?

Gutters typically need replaced about every 20 years but can last longer with regular maintenance. Most gutter systems, including galvanized steel, copper and pvcu gutters, have an expected lifespan of 20 years.

Why does my gutter overflow?

Overflowing gutters are usually the result of a blockage in the gutter and/or downpipe which causes rainwater to back up and spill over the top, this issue can be solved with a professional gutter cleaning service. If it’s not flowing correctly, your gutters will need realigning but if they are old we recommend replacing the gutter system.

Is it normal to have standing water in gutters?

A small amount of water around 2-3mm in the gutters will not cause you any problems, but if they are fall of water most of the time the alignment may be incorrect, gutters may be blocked.

Also you may notice a mosquito problem around your property if the gutters are always full of water.

How much will my spouting repairs cost?

Our gutter repair service starts at $180 + gst, there are a few things considered when providing your repair quote, safe access to the gutter needing repair, materials required to complete the job and time involved to repair.

Depending on the extent of the damage and the access prices will vary.

Do you guarantee your repairs?

Yes. We guarantee all repairs for 12 months but we expect them to last for years to come.

Do you use scaffold for the gutter repairs?

In most cases we can use our purpose built extension ladders for the repairs, but in some cases the situation may require a scaffold which would be included with the quote we provide.

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