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Roof Repairs

Waking up to water dripping through you ceiling isn't fun

Cracked tiles, loose nails, missing mortar and rusting sheet metal is just a few of the issues that cause your roof to fail, luckily we have a solution to your problem.

we provide an affordable reliable approach to your roofs repairs.


Our Repair Services include:

  • Roof Inspections

  • Leak Detection

  • Crack tile Repair/Replacement

  • Re-Bedding & Re-pointing

  • Valley Repair & Replacement

  • Decramastic dent removal

  • Hole Patching

  • Rust treat & Convert

  • Re-screw & Tighten 

  • Sheet replacement

  • Flashing Repair & Replacement

Is your roof getting old but your not ready to replace it?

Why not consider Recoating or Restoring your roof


Roof Painting

We go above and beyond, 


With our thorough roof restoration system it doesn't just look like a new roof, its repaired to work like a new roof.

We provide broken down itemized quotes based on our detailed onsite inspection,


We only Charge you for what we do!

Our Process 

Step 1: The roof is checked for damaged tiles, flashing and loose nails, these areas will be repaired before cleaning takes place.

Step 2: A full roof chemical treatment to neutralize moss,mold and lichen is applied before the roof is pressure cleaned to provide a clean surface to work with.

Step 3: Once the roof has had time to dry all rusted areas are scraped back, rusted treated and primed.

All Pointing on the ridge and hips are re-pointed with a flexi pointing mix which allowings these areas to move with the roof and minimizes cracking over time.

Step 4: For older metal roofs a oil based primer is applied to the roof to provide a stable base for the top coats to bind too.

For concrete tiles a key coat is applied to seal the concrete surface and allow the following top coats to bind to the roof.

Step 5: Concrete tiles only: for very pitted and weathered concrete tiles we apply a high build primer which fills and hide roof imperfections.

Step 6: Next is the the first of 2 New Zealand made 100% acrylic paint designed to provide maximum durability on all types of roofs and is available in a range of colors.

Step 7: The final coat is then applied to ensure the roof is completed to the highest standard.

The roof is checked on completion and pictures are provided of all work completed from start to finish for your peace of mind.


Metal Re-Roofing

Is your metal roof at the end of its life?

If you are continuously finding and fixing leaks in your roof?
If may be time to consider a re-roof.

Many people cringe at the thought of the expense of re-roofing their homes but remember when its rainy and stormy outside your roof is your best mate keeping you dry.

Why us?

  • Our Team have over 20 years in the roofing industry and ensure that our service hits the mark.

  • We are friendly, reliable and ensure you are kept informed every step of the way.

  • We meet NZ WorkSafe standards to ensure our team and you as the client - are kept safe.

    We are here to help!
    Fill out our free quote form or call us directly to schedule your free roof assessment and talk to us in person.


Moss Control Treatment


Gently remove moss, lichen and grime from your roof with our MOSS GUARD+ application treatment.

This treatment is a commercial grade moss neutralizing application which kills organic growth at the core allowing it to release from the roof surface and wash away with the weather.

This treatment is a great option for clients who want to maintain the roof without using high pressure.


lasts on the surface for 18 months before needing a top up application.

We ensure all chemical off run is diverted away from downpipes and Auckland Stormwater - so we adhere to council requirements, and look after your home, and our environment.